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Takaharu Hamada  H&T stands for Humans and Technology. Our goal is to provide useful and valuable technologies that benefits both people and the environment through our medical information system knowledge, network construction, and software engineering.
 In addition, we support environmental conservation through such activities as the setting of photovoltaic equipment, PC recycling, and computer equipment power consumption reduction.
                                                                   President&CEO Takaharu Hamada

Human & Technology

太陽光発電  The use of networks continues to expand rapidly in today’s society, in parallel with the constantly changing range of user demands.
 H&T seeks to fulfill these demands through practical system consulting, reliable system construction, system development, and system operations training, which are essential to a successful relationship between humans and technology in today’s culture.

Health & Technology

写真  Recent scientific advances have enabled the discovery and study of many powerful new medical phenomena. Work being done on combating "Endocrine Disrupters" is one example. Accurate safety testing is now urgently required in the research of such phenomena and the many related chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
 However, massive volumes and varieties of research data must be processed and reconciled with each other before any product can be labeled as 'assured safe' for the public. Still, researchers often disagree on the effectiveness of these data processing systems. H&T hopes to help solve this problem by introducing our Pharmaceutical Safety-test Support System, "TOX-LAUNCHER", which is currently under research and development.

Home & Technology

太陽光発電  Network and information technologies in Japan are now facing the challenge of adapting to the increasing population of elderly as well as to the drop in the population of young children. In order to address such issues, simply setting information technology machinery in the home is not the entire solution. Technology should be tailored to support the needs and requirements of users, as well as having customization and equipment operation training options available.
 H&T is dedicated to developing these valuable systems with careful planning, design, and construction, to create the ideal 'Home IT Systems' in order to support young and elderly users alike, and maintain comfortable lifestyles with high educational standards.

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