Preclinical Data Collection Software
It's More Than Just a Package
-an ideal solution for preclinical data management
TOX-LAUNCHER creates a new level of comfort and efficiency in your test environment through its versatility in function and interface.
Developed by experienced researchers and system engineers, its ability to be tailored to your demands allows you to streamline operation and remove unnecessary costs before your purchase the system. While it remains package-based software, our patented “Selectable System” is at the center of the numerous benefits achievable only through the TOX-LAUNCHER system.


Weight Measurement
The Weight Measurement collects body weight, food and water consumption, and organ weight data and creates the data reports.
As the Pathology System is, this system is also developed by reflecting on researchers’ ideas, so it brings study operations be smoothly and effectively.
Clinical Chemistry
The Clinical Chemisty is for blood test, biochemistry test, and urine test. The system is flexible enough to support data entries for both expected and unexpected study operations.
The Pathology collects gross pathology and histopathology data and creates the data reports.
This system is designed based on researchers’ point of view, so it enables the system operation to be easy and simple without disturbing study operations.


What Is 'Selectable System'?
TOX-LAUNCHER consists of over hundreds of small modules that you can choose from; this in turn allows you to decide upon the necessary number of modules, the preferred user interface, and the particular functions of the system to meet any study or lab requirements in detail without customization. Also, the system allows you to add modules and features after initial installation without worrying about data migration. Thus it is possible to achieve a low installation and operating cost. The method of selecting a preclinical data collection system’s parts is unique.

    Step1: Describe your requirements.
    Step2: Choose the functions which only fit your requirements.
               (Eliminate what you DO NOT need!)       See Module Samples>
    Step3: We connect all the modules and build your system for you.
               (All modules work as one system.)
Additional installation is possible at any time you like.

Reports & Excel Templates System
Do you have a problem with report creation? Have you ever wanted to change your report font or display all your data in one page? Multiple styles of reports, including individual reports, summary reports and statistics reports (compatible with SAS), are available for TOX-LAUNCHER. In addition, H&T’s ‘Excel Templates System’ provides freedom and ease in creating reports of non-GLP trials. This allows you to make templates fairly easily with Microsoft Excel®to assist you. It also makes data analysis easier, while reducing cost and workload. As a matter of course, reports for GLP trials are locked to avoid any alteration.

Assimilation Search Function
The‘Assimilation Search Function’ processes multiple findings as single items and employs background data processing, which enhances the chances of discovering new effects. During data processing, the new data categories that are formed can still be compared with old data, regardless of any difference in the original categorization, and without affecting the raw data.

Easy Data Entry
The system reduces data-input costs by adopting a Windows style input system and default selection settings. The Filter Selection function reduces chart sizes by allowing data search parameters. The Outline Layout Function, based on a spreadsheet input system similar to Excel, reduces screen scrolling and keeps the strain on user’s eyesight to a minimum. Also our Event-Driven Function allows data entry following data collection.

One-Stop Services & Consultations
H&T offers suggestions for improvements in work efficiency through close consultations with customers. We help your risk management through our comprehensive services, such as providing hardware, off-the-shelf software, remote maintenance and network constructions. Thus we can handle unexpected hardware troubles and OS updates swiftly, without losing or altering any collected data, allowing the software to be maintained safely for long time use.

Have you ever been forced to stop a trial for system validation, losing valuable time and expending a considerable amount of labor? Every module in each TOX-LAUNCHER subsystem is equipped with the ability to coordinate with H&T’s ‘Auto-Validation’ software, which automatically performs operational qualification validation as laid out in GLP and FDA 21 CFR Part11 regulations. Consisting of small modules, the system can be validated easily and quickly. ‘Auto-Validation,’ therefore, allows the user to add or exchange any hardware or software, apply a security patch to the OS and validate the system routinely without fear of delaying the trial. Thus, researchers no longer have to postpone OS updates, or avoid the installation of useful software/hardware on computers managing the trial.

Security Object System
The‘Security Object System’is an independent module which starts automatically when the system runs. Identifying users at regular intervals, it monitors the system constantly and forces it to terminate when users fail to identify themselves. Also, the system is compatible with biometrix devices such as finger print and blood vessel authentication system.

GLP, FDA21 CFR Part11 and SEND Compliance
TOX-LAUNCHER meets both GLP and FDA21 CFR Part11 regulations comprehensively with H&T’s‘Selectable System’‘Security Object System’and‘Log Management System’along with a flexible combination of operational procedures. The system has been developed with a great deal of consideration with respect to these regulations, and is constantly updated to meet with the most recent changes made by the FDA.

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