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アイコンSimple InputU
 'Simple Input II' interfaces directly with your electronic balance and automatically transfers data to Microsoft Excel for formatting and review.
【 Main 5 Features 】
▼Select electronic balance
Compatible with Sartorius, Shimazu, and other electronic balances.
▼Easy Settings
Set serial port, transmission speed, number of data bits, number of stop bits, and parity bit, and you are ready to use the software.
▼Flexible cursor control
Allow setting the cursor after data entry to: Down/ Right/ None
▼Data entry by using keyboard
Allows measurement input directly from a keyboard.
▼Automatically outputs the measurement data to Microsoft Excel
Allows output of the measurement results to Microsoft Excel for easy creation of graphs and charts!
アイコンSimple Counter
 Simple Counter allows Leukocyte, Reticulocyte, and Cell Proliferation data inputs and recordings on a simple interface, without interrupting the flow of experimentation.
【 Main 5 Features 】
▼Chime rings on entering measurement
A chime rings when the data is entered from a keyboard.
▼Set measurement items (for Leukocyte mode only)
Allows changing the measurement items.
Allows allocating the measurement items to designated keys on the numeric keypad.
▼Set max count value and animal number
Allows setting max count value and animal number.
▼Select from three modes
Leukocyte, Reticulocyte and Cell Proliferation input modes.
▼Output of the measurement results
Allows standard printing.
Allows output to CSV format files (memo-pad/ Word/ Excel), where the files can be edited.
アイコンSimple Grouping
 Simple Grouping is an application that can be used to divide animals into groups easily.
【 Main 4 Features 】
▼Easy input animal and study data
Allows import animal data from CSV file.
Moreover, it allows copy and paste from Excel.
▼Export grouping results
Allows export study information and animal data easily to CSV / Excel file.
  *Microsoft Excel must be installed for exporting Excel file.
▼Set freely the number of animals and the number of parameters
Allows change freely the conditions.
Moreover, it allows input the study information.
▼Allows save and load the grouping results
Allows save the grouping results, import, and export it any time.
Moreover, it allows save just study information, and then use the study information as a template.

■Price List (tax included)
アイコンSimple InputU
1License $1000.00
2-10 Licenses $700.00
11 Licenses or more $500.00
アイコンSimple Counter
1License $300.00
2-10 Licenses $300.00
11 Licenses or more $200.00
アイコンSimple Grouping
1License $1999.00
2 Licenses or more $1500.00
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